How to work with timestamp attributes in SAP Web Client UI?

It happens very often, that we want to use additional TIMESTAMPs in context of Business Transaction Management.

If we are introducing additional date types (appointments) via configuration, the SAP CRM standard is managing the display, storage and data conversion. We just need to add context nodes for it to our UI components. We should have a look at already existing date/time context nodes and reuse the context node classes used here to ensure standard-like behaviour (virtual fields, value helps, data conversion, …).

If we decide to create a field enhancement using Application Enhancement Tool (AET), we dont need an additional context node since we are using context node BTAdminH or BTCustomerH. However, we will now face the challenge, that there is no proper value help available for timestamps. Therefore we need to create two additional virtual attributes for DATE and TIME which are referring to the TIMESTAMP attribute.

(Der Quellcode wird später hier noch ergänzt….)