SAP CRM & SAP Solution Manager PPF Action Condition Enhancement

How to add attributes for PPF action conditions?

The PPF action framework is a powerful framework to trigger actions (= sending smartforms or executing methods) dependent on several events & issues (= schedule and start conditions).
However in SAP standard there is only a small set of business transaction related attributes which can be evaluated. This document explains how to enhance the PPF by additional customer or SAP standard attributes with minimum development effort.

PPF Action Condition Enhancement.pdf

SAP CRM & SAP Solution Manager E-Mail Notification Enhancement

How to send E-Mails to business partners not mentioned in the current business transaction?

We want to send e-mail notifications on certain conditions to certain partners. However some recipients are only valid on the level of predecessor transactions. SAP standard only supports e-mail notifications to partners of the current Business Transaction.
This little solution removes this limitation and opens the way to send notifications to partners of the current and predecessor transaction.

E-Mail Notification Enhancement.pdf

SAP CRM & SAP Solution Manager Business Transaction Search Enhancement

How to implement business transaction search enhancements with minimum development?

There exist several guides in SCN. These guides always explain how to do big developments in context of search enhancement. These big development activities are needed if we need special value helps or if we need to adjust existing selection criteria or result list or if we want to enhance other searches than business transaction search.
In most cases we simply want to add some additional search criteria and result list fields. In these cases, we are able to implement this low effort solution with minimum development.

Business Transaction Search Enhancement.pdf