ChaRM should ignore a Transport Request. What to do?


  1. You deleted a transport request manually but ChaRM is still checking it.
  2. You implemented something but you now want to ignore the corresponding transport request. However you don’t want to undo all implementation steps manually and to send the build and undo transport request to production.


  1. The following solutions are workarounds.
  2. You should never delete transport requests manually. Only ChaRM should delete transport requests.
  3. You should never reject undo activities. All changes need to be send to production even undo activities.


  1. Decouple Transport Request even if this feature is not configured for Change Documents or event decoupling is not allowed for the current CD Status.
  2. Delete assignment between TR and CD (from table TMWFLOW/TRORDHC) using report /TMWFLOW/TRANSPORT_DELETE after implementation of SAP note 2009859: ChaRM: deleted transport request still exists in ChaRM table.