Transport-Related Checks (available with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 3+)

With SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 3 there is a new assignment block available. This new assignment block is called „Transport-Related Checks“ (german: „Transportbezogene Prüfungen“). It merges the results of the Cross-System Object Lock (CSOL), Downgrade Protection (DGP), Critical Object Check (COC), ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) and Code Inspector (CI) to one place. Additionally it provides a feature to implement Customer-Specific checks (CUC) as BADI implementation.

This is an improvement which will simplify the Change Request Management solution significantly. But …

  • The previously existing assignment blocks for DGP, COC or ATC/CI are no longer valid because they are part of the new assignment block.
  • The checks are not harmonized in one framework. That mean that DGP and COC and ATC still have their own approval feature. DGP can be approved on conflict, event and system level. COC can be approved on conflict level. ATC can be approved on issue level. CUC cannot be approved yet.
  • The checks are not harmonized in one framework. That mean that CSOL/DGP, COC, ATC/CI and CUC are triggered at different events. COC and ATC/CI are still not supported on transport import. On the other side COC and CUC are now supported on object save (analogously to CSOL).
  • The checks are not harmonized in one framework. That mean, that there is no unified customizing setting to activate these checks for specific events, landscapes, systems or clients. Only DGP has the capability to activate or deactivate checks on event, landscape, system or client level. COC and ATC/CI can be activated on system level only. CUC needs to implement an own customizing table to enable flexible configuration of the custom-specific checks.
  • When upgrading to SAP Solution Manager SPS 3, you have to run WCF_RT_COMP and WCF_CC. You also have to adjust your UI configurations for Change Documents and Change Cycles and to synchronize UI personalization. Otherwise the new assignment block will not be available or not be visible.

Official documentation:

SAP Help: Transport-Related Checks